Constitutional Rights

Constitutional Rights

Defend our constitutional rights and freedoms

My mom was born in a concentration camp, Buchenwald, after my grandparents survived the Holocaust. My wife Heidi’s dad left on one of the last boats from Germany that made it to the United States—a week before the St. Louis that was infamously turned back. The issue of constitutional rights is very personal to me and my family.

In America, we believe in constitutional rights for everyone, including the rights of people of color, women, and the LGBTQ community. We also fight for religious freedom, freedom of the press, and the humane and fair treatment of immigrants.

My family history teaches me why our freedoms and constitutional rights are what make our nation great. That’s why it is important for our Attorneys General across the U.S. to stand up for religious freedom and our constitutional values.

Our rights are under attack from the very people in Washington D.C. who are supposed to protect them. We cannot count on the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division to serve as a cop on the beat to protect the rights of all Americans as it did under President Obama.

Instead, attorneys general from across the country have stood up for their people against the attacks from Washington D.C. Thankfully, we have a justice system that can vindicate our constitutional rights… as long as we have state leadership willing to fight for them.