Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

Protect competition and consumers

In a world where more concentrated industries and deceptive practices are taking advantages of consumers, I will fight to protect consumers and competition.

In Colorado, we must be prepared to protect our consumers when the federal government is turning its back on consumer protection, privacy, and antitrust enforcement. We need a state Attorney General who can fight for us and be a national leader on these issues. Consumers and good businesses thrive where there’s fair play.

I will be a national leader going after companies like Wells Fargo which used the unconscionable practice of creating bank accounts for consumers without their knowledge or consent to earn an extra buck.

Customers are suffering from overly-concentrated industries such as the airlines. When airlines enjoyed lower fuel prices, they didn’t pass the savings on to customers. Instead, they took in record profits and handed out big executive bonuses all while charging passengers new fees for everything but the peanuts. As Attorney General, I will challenge mergers that reduce competition and will harm consumers.