Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Develop a smarter and effective criminal justice policy

“Liberty and justice for all” needs to be more than just words at the end of our Pledge of Allegiance. Pursuit of those ideals needs to drive our Attorney General’s office every single day.

Too often justice depends where you live or how you look. We need a smarter and more effective criminal justice policy that keeps us safe, responds effectively to violent crimes, and serves every citizen, including the poor and those of color. This means, for example, ending the practice of putting opioid users in jail rather than finding treatment opportunities for them.

As Attorney General, I will work with law enforcement and our district attorneys to keep Colorado safe and fight violent crimes, including sexual assault and domestic violence.

As Attorney General, I will work with our district attorneys, public defenders, judges, legislators, county sheriffs, and others to examine whether our approach to criminal sentencing takes full advantage of alternatives to incarceration, including using technology to ensure that those given alternative sentences are following their prescribed programs. I also will examine how, using data analytics and other technologies, we can reduce re-arrest rates of released prisoners and ensure fair sentencing.

I will fight to protect and improve Colorado’s marijuana legalization effort, which taxes the product to support education and works to ensure that the use of the drug is safe instead of spending resources putting sellers and consumers of marijuana in jail.

Finally, we need to be smart in protecting consumers and fighting cyber-crimes, including identity theft, which is the fastest growing crime in the U.S.