A Little About Phil Weiser

Phil Weiser is an innovative, effective leader who has dedicated his life to public service and teaching. He is a lifelong Democrat who has worked on behalf of Democratic candidates in Colorado for almost 20 years.  With the exception of serving in the federal government, Phil has worked in Colorado since he graduated law school. In his Colorado and Federal service, Phil has served: as a law clerk for Justices Byron White and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in President Clinton’s Department of Justice, as President Obama‘s Deputy Assistant Attorney General and Senior Advisor for Technology and Innovation, and as a professor and Dean at the University of Colorado Law School. Phil’s accomplishments include overseeing complex antitrust investigations and review of anti-competitive mergers, promoting competition in agriculture,  enabling increased access to wireless spectrum and an interoperable wireless broadband network for public safety, increasing Law School scholarships while holding tuition flat, and training the next generation of leaders of Colorado.

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